March 28th 2024- CC policy changes re: hearing submission

Hearing attendance like this may be something in the past shortly!

On December 20, 2023, the CURRENT Board of Canyon County Commissioners (BOCC) approved practices that are out of compliance with State Statute § 67-6534 and Canyon County Zoning Ordinance 01-17-07 (3)

It feels to me that the actions of Canyon County Commissioners have increasingly stifled public voices. Their systematic policy revisions, coupled with legislative bills that shift power away from the people and raise serious concerns.

Adding to the issue, in my review and opinion of Senator Lakey’s bill SB1403 , I believe it eliminates the requirement for affected parties to receive hearing notices by the mail and additionally disallows citizens to file for a judicial review. As a result, the public’s voice may be overshadowed by developer interests.

These combined actions feel as if they  pave the way for unchecked new development that fails to cover its own costs. I believe that Canyon County residents  will soon  witness an increase in Bond and Levy requests to address the impact of unbridled growth in our communities, while developers walk away with substantial gains.

Rather than exacerbating the problem, I feel that the commissioners should actively engage all stakeholders, bridging the gap between developers and citizens. Our goal should be vibrant communities, not disillusioned ones

ARE WE READY FOR A CHANGE IN COMMISSIONERS??  I am ready to work for you !  VOTE MAY 21 for Theresa Denham, Canyon County Commissioner.

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