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Leadership is not power. It is taking responsibility for guiding teams towards success, fostering trust, and upholding a culture of accountability that empowers every member to take ownership of their roles . That is my commitment to you, the public. As your Canyon County Commissioner, I will work to collaborate with all stakeholders. As your public servant  I will  place priority on the safety and needs of our citizens and that will be what drives and shapes the future of our great Canyon County.

What sets me apart?

I am uniquely qualified

Member of Farm Bureau and Idaho Cattlemans Assn. * Active farming * Ag background * Idaho CE Legal classes on Land use . *Member 13 person AdHoc committee -changed international policy on health care. *Small business forensics * Board of Non Profits ----- More details?
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Time to restore Transparency and Accountability to Canyon County

Clarity of information, easier to find information, honor public hearing and open meeting laws, no backdoor policy, open communication, educate staff on process and code, ethical conduct
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Fiscal Conservatism & Repsonsibility

Proven action for fiscal accountability

I will not endorse using federal money to balance books nor mislead public on true state of the books.AMG Association Forensic Audit, 25 yr Non-profit audit, Small Business fiscal analysis with change recommendations,
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Takes initiative with excellence in execution

  • Graduated High School w/4.0 GPA plus credits to start College as a sophmore
  • Veterinary Sciences – 3.94 GPA  (on a 4. scale)
  • Computer Information Degree Kaplan – Graduated Summa Cum Laud & made deans list mulitple times
  • 20 years non profit leader culminating in team leadership to change international policy and  increasing international diagnostic codes
  • Created a breeding program over 30 years and presented with worlds leading top ten sire, and multiple world champions (bred, trained and showed by Theresa)


  • Safety Services (Fire/Sheriff/EMS)
  • Health Services (SWDH)
  • Public (the citizens)
  • Infrastructure  Servicers (roads, waste water, streams, electrical)
  • Municipalities within the county
  • Commerce (Commercial/Agriculture/Service Industry)
  • Correctional Facilities/Detention Centers
  • Development community (Commercial and Residential)

Policy Development and Oversight:

  • Budgets:  Our Fire, EMS, Sheriff and Correctional facilities are funded by income tax and limited by  State tax reform (HB389)which  had a tremendous impact on funding.  However, EMS like Canyon County Paramedics is only about 30% funded by property taxes.   The current growth rate of the county does not meet the demands of operating Fire, EMS Sheriff  and Correctional centers. We are lacking : personnel, tools/equipment and brick and mortar.  We need to scrutinize the budget. While we need some immediate bonds and levys ,  we need to creatively  enable and enhance our services for future needs.  I believe impact from growth should be paid for by growth, not  raising taxes or cost (through bonds and levys)  for the current citizens. Once I am commissioner I will consider additional impact fees. I will also  look at all other funding models, both “inside the box”  and “outside the box” thinking,  to cover cost of safety so our taxing districts can worry about what they do best–addressing safety and emergency needs within our community.
  • Reviewing multiple residential community applications in both Canyon County and city municipalities, the prioritization of safety in the final development agreements is not present. I aim to change policies from marking a check box that “the fire chief gave input” to a requirement that all conditions of permit are met prior to the authorization of certificate of occupancy.

DSD Accountability :   As a candidate for Canyon County Commissioner, I recognize the importance of holding the Development Services (DSD) accountable. Specifically, I aim to address several critical aspects:

  • Incomplete development applications
  • Actions that deviate from State, County, and City statutes.
  • Necessary education to enhance understanding of local and state statutes.
  • Addressing website access and clarity of information on the website.

Efficient county operations regarding annexation/zone changes and growth  hinge upon addressing these issues

My proposed approach seeks to strike a delicate balance between the application process and legal compliance. By doing so, we can ensure expediency while remaining fiscally responsible. Additionally, I emphasize collaboration with our planners, providing them with the necessary education to enhance their understanding. This collaborative effort will play a pivotal role in ensuring accountability and increase transparency.

Budget and Finance Management:

Commissioners approve the county budget and establish tax rates. I have worked in budget and audit committees for national non-profit organizations.  I have the experience. As your commissioner I will work to evaluate how budgets are being prioritized and work to assure balanced budgets are met without sacrificing safety and health of our communities.  The residents who live and have contributed to this county should not bear the burden of excessive bonds or taxes,  or face the risk of losing their homes due to inadequate long-term budget evaluation and strategy by our commissioners.

  • Financial Planning and Control:
    • Estimate Revenue and Expenses: Create a detailed projection of expected income and costs.
    • Monitor Actual Performance: A budget is not set and forgotten. As your commissioner I will recommend monthly meetings to regularly compare actual financial results against the budget, to identify discrepancies, and make informed decisions.
    • Risk Mitigation
  • Resource Allocation:
    • Allocate Funds Strategically: Determine how to distribute financial resources across different areas of the business (e.g.,correctional centers,  sheriff, fire, EMT. parks)
    • Prioritize Investments: Decide where to invest capital for maximum impact. Investment must be a long term vision, and should not result in “saving money now” and ignoring key infrastructure needs, requiring citizen bonds and levys to recapture necessities
  • Cash Flow Management:
    • Cash Flow Adjustment Our current income does not satisfy the short and long term needs.  We need to increase fees rather than rely on citizens to make up the difference through levy and bond measures.  Impact fees should directly correlate with the true cost of growth.
    • Cash Flow Forecasting: Anticipate cash inflows and outflows to ensure sufficient liquidity.
    • Emergency Reserves: Set aside funds for unexpected expenses or economic downturns.Goal Setting and Measurement:
  • Financial Targets: Establish specific financial goals (e.g., revenue growth, profit margins).
    • Performance Metrics: Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress toward these goals.
  • Contingency Planning: Prepare for unforeseen events (e.g., market fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, county wide disaster).
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential financial risks and develop strategies to mitigate them
  • Long-Term Planning:
    • Align budget decisions with the organization’s overall strategic vision.
    • predict future requirements and allocate budget resources specifically for those needs.

Infrastructure and Services:

  • Commissioners maintain county roads, bridges, and other essential facilities and collaborate with various departments to ensure efficient service delivery.
  • It is imperative that commissioners weigh the recommendations from the safety sectors when adding conditioning to applications.We must create policies that recognize  and mitigate the impact each development group will place on infrastructure.
  • Assess budgets and restructure the impact and pro-rata fees to put absolute weight weights for the cost of doing business in our county. The citizens should not be left with the cost of development in the form of taxes increase, bonds and levys. Development should pay for itself.

Community Representation:

  • Commissioners engage with constituents, attending public meetings and addressing concerns. My primary goal is to ensure that citizens feel heard and that they walk away also feeling respected!!  . Remember, we are your servants, not the other way around.
  • I will continue to act as a liaisons between the county and its residents, making sure your voices are heard in a meaningful way as part of the hearing process.
  • As your commissioner, I will prioritize personal freedoms and staunchly support free speech, the Second Amendment, **medical freedom, and **parental rights. When confronted with decisions regarding mandates, I will carefully consider the desires of my constituents alongside all available scientific information, rather than relying on propagandized sources. (You can find my track record of doing this in my about section.)
  • Public hearings are not mere check boxes in a process; they represent a valuable chance for commissioners to genuinely listen to constituents’ perspectives. As your commissioner, I am committed to facilitate meaningful hearings, carefully consider the perceived impacts, seek to understand the diverse viewpoints and address concerns related to new developments or other hearing topics.
  • **  Clarification on medical freedom and parental rights:
    • Freedoms from mask mandates
    • Freedom from vaccination mandates
    • Freedom to request using informed consent any known treatment (mainstream or holistic approaches) for chronic disease, cancers, etc
    • Freedom from state child intervention when treating your child for chronic disease, cancers, etc when using alternative options that are substantiated through research and guideline publication through a physician or naturopathic doctor

Take Full Responsibility: I choose to embrace extreme ownership. Success or failure rests on the shoulders of every decision maker.  Failures should be seen as growth opportunities, and a motivator for changes in policy and execution.  Blame does not solve problems and creates a culture of self preservation rather than one of collaboration.

Accountability and Empowerment: I believe that by allowing a culture of  owning outcomes, we can empower teams to reach higher standards. A culture of finger and blame demoralizes and loses our ability to proactively review problems and invoke change.  Accountability fosters a culture of excellence.

Objective Assessment and Solutions: Instead of blame, I believe we need to  assess situations objectively, identify areas for improvement, and proactively seek solutions.

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