Uniquely Qualified for County Commissioner

Why Theresa Denham for Canyon County Commissioner?

She is the only candidate with:

  • the mix of:   board experience, active agriculture involvement, legal land use training and international policy making , long term business management.
  • family history that directly recognizes the relationship between open border, reduction of small local agriculture , increase of crime, reduction of public input and how these  relate to overpowering the people and setting the stage for communism

She understands the issues related to protecting agricultural areas for food security and economic stability.

Under the current commissioners, who promised to preserve farmland, we lost over 10,000 acres of farmland . It has been absorbed in the last four years to be converted to rooftops. The adoption of the 2030 plan is being challenged by outsiders, while 87% of the people who live here and play here support it. Behind closed doors and changing of ordinance and legislative policy to reduce objections to growth is not ethically responsible to the citizens.  Ample evidence was raised to identify prime agriculture areas and economic strategic holds and our commissioners need to fiercely protect those lands.  I vow I will work to protect and enhance our agriculture in Canyon County  Small farms 250-980 acres have been converted to large corporate farms. Large corporate farming often has roots in other countries, using our water, our soil to provide food for their people.  This model reducing our small farms puts Americans and Idahos at risk for food security. It also damages our current economy, as foods raised here by out of country corporations will not purchase from Idaho, USA.

Agriculture – We are an agricultural county.  I am an active Member of  the Farm Bureau and Idaho Cattlemans’ Assn and raise Murray Grey Cattle.  I volunteer with the Local Middleton FFA in the parent alumni group.  I am actively raising beef for local consumption.

Realtor for commissioner? Is it a conflict or can the knowledge help stop abuse?  I was involved in land consulting in Oregon. There it was very different. Zoning Mattered. It was not fluid zoning like it is in Idaho, and decisions were not arbitrarily made. There was a clear concise process and it was not in conflict with the law –before, during or after the entitlement process. This led to healthy growth.  I began my Idaho Land Use certification and chose for ethical reasons , not to work in the field as a land use consultant.  I was appalled at the rigorous attempts to circumvent Idaho law. Instead, I have volunteered my time to train hundreds of residents how to provide meaningful testimony based on facts and conclusions of law.  Having this training has opened my eyes as to how to look at these applications and it is clear to me there needs to be a process with set criteria in evaluating how land uses and zoning will remain or change.  It must take into account the economic impacts of agriculture, commercial, and residential growth.

Finally, the answer is not to streamline the process by changing ordinance which effectively remove the voice of the public.

  Residential growth must not place burden on our communities in the form of raised taxes, levys and bonds, but development must pay for itself.

Policy making/changing and legislative actions at local , state, national and international levels. I was a founding member 13 person AdHoc committee -together we identified issues, proposed changes and successfully negotiated changes international policy on health care.

Small business forensics – Part of my business consulting was to do forensic evaluations of business policy and books.  After the evaluations, I proposed business changes and negotiated with owners how to implement change to increase the bottom line and maintain or increase morale of the employees.

I am the only candidate who has this combination of skills, training and practical application and that is why I am the best candidate for Canyon County Commissioner D1.

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