About Theresa- Values and Life

God – As an individual guided by faith, my values are deeply rooted in God’s values. John 13, with humble servant attitude, and Micah 6 to act justly, mercy and humility
  • Truth:  Honesty, integrity, and transparency are non-negotiable. I strive to uphold truth in all my interactions.
  • Leading by Example: I believe in living out my beliefs through actions. As a leader, I aim to be a positive example, expecting no more than I am willing to do.
  • Servant Leadership:  Leadership is not about power; it’s about serving others. I aspire to lead with humility, putting the needs of the citizens of this county first.
  • Justice : I advocate for justice, tempered with compassion.  Seeking first to understand, then to provide additional training, guidance or if necessary, consequence.  For decision making I seek justice through objective review and consistency.

In summary, my faith informs every decision I make. I seek alignment with biblical principles, trusting that God’s wisdom will guide me with purpose, intent and impact.

Growing Up, Family and Advocacy

Agriculture Canyon CountyMy father is an escapee from Communist Bulgaria. Just after the start  WW2, my grandfather was executed for his support of freedom and our family was removed from the farm. My grandmother was re-purposed by the communist government and was made to work as a brick layer and the family lived in a small 1 room flat in Sofia Bulgaria.

 Because my grandmother could not work quickly, she had “reduced credits” meaning there was only enough credit for moldy bread, spoiled meat and if they were lucky, aged fruit. Our land was given to the gypsies which had been allowed to cross the borders in droves. The food they produced was sent to the government, and sold to other countries, while Bulgaria got back the food that was not used and had become spoiled, and it was given to the people.  I value agriculture and knowing we raise good food for ourselves and Theresa Denham Canyon County Cattleothers. Knowing the economic stability food exports provide for communities.  Growing up, my father told us stories night about family, morality, respect for God, the land God allows us to have. He shared the importance of food security and being self sufficient.

Agriculture Commissioner Canyon County

My senior year of high school, I participated in the high school gun club, earning my marksmanship certificate. I was a competitive swimmer from age 4-17 and played waterpolo. I got my scholarships for waterpolo, and  was accepted into Veterinary Medicine program at OSU.   


I am married to my husband of over 42 years. We have three beautiful children. Our oldest son owns a company and is married to his amazing wife. Our middle son is a US Disabled Veteran. He served our country with 2 tours to Iraq and has settled with his wife and 5 children. Our daughter lives with her husband and five children and are active in their community.

For most of my adult life, I’ve dedicated myself to unpaid volunteer work for non-profit organizations. It all began when our daughter fell critically ill at the tender age of 6, and I needed to be by her side. Despite my background in veterinary sciences, we faced a daunting challenge: obtaining an accurate diagnosis for her complex condition. She suffered from seizures, congestive heart failure, connective tissue disorders, and other severe ailments. My requests for tests were met with refusal, leaving us desperate and uncertain.


Leadership Tour

Patient Advocacy Tour 2016

At age 11 her condition had deteriorated and doctors had given up. They told us to take her home to die. We did not give up!  We sought answers at Columbia University and Yale University, where our daughter was finally diagnosed. This experience ignited a passion within me. I founded a non-profit organization, initially expecting to help only a handful of parents. However, within a few years, we had assisted several thousand patients in navigating the intricate landscape of rare diseases. Little did I know that this work would prepare me for endeavors I could never have imagined.

Driven by a commitment to improve access to care, I collaborated with the state senate health committee. Our goal was clear: ensure patients received timely diagnoses and medical reimbursement while safeguarding treating physicians from licensure challenges. I initiated research projects, secured grants, and collaborated with an international group to develop physician training modules and conferences for continuing education on the diagnosis and management of rare chronic tick-borne illnesses.Through these efforts, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of advocacy, turning adversity into hope for countless individuals.

Leadership Canyon County My work led me to become a founding member of an international AdHoc committee. (Pictured left in Geneva). Sometimes the enemy of my enemy can be my friend.  We prepared a dossier and submitted it to the Special Rapporteurs of the UN Committees on Patient Rights to Care, Physician Rights to Treat and Parents Rights to Chose Medical Care for their children.  In June we were asked to testify in Geneva Switzerland on the disease, which if accepted will allow us to work with the WHO which is the only place to change ICD Codes, ICD codes are required to be in place for the diagnosis and the reimbursement of all ailments worldwide.  We collaborated with  Dr Tedros of the WHO on diagnosis and treatment issues until we met the needs for the patients. We changed international policy to introduce 400% new ICD codes for Tick Born Disease .




My husband and I enjoy skiing, horse riding, fishing, hiking and working on our farm when we are not busy our children and grandchildren.

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Background and Political Involvement

Association Affiliations:

  • Idaho Farm Bureau
  • Idaho Cattleman’s Association,
  • FFA Alumni Middleton Idaho
  • American  Murray Grey Association (member and audit committee) 
  • PADI and D.A.N Divers Alert Network SCUBA Divemaster and Safety Organization for Divers
  • Past VP PNW Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers Association
  • Past VP and Secretary  TWHEAO
  • Past ILADS member, R&D and Education committees 


  • Animal Sciences at Oregon State University, Pre-Veterinary medicine 4.0 Grade point avg
  • CIT – Kaplan – Graduate Summa Cum Laud
  • Business Management – CE training 120 plus
  • IREC Real Estate Certification , Idaho

Other Certifications/Experience

  • Marksman Certificate NRA 1980
  • Deputy- Yamhill County Mounted Posse and Search and Rescue Crook County Search and Rescue – Basic and Dog Team
  • Select Sires -certified AI technician
  • Daystar Education- Family, Grief, Drug Counseling (CADCII) program
  • Quarterly Qualifications Yamhill Sheriff – (shooting)

Political Affiliation and Activities

  • Republican since 1982
  • Wrote Legislation in Oregon SB916 to provide patient access to care
  • Co-developed a Senate Health Committee Task Force to address patient access to care
  • Co-Author international AdHoc Committee Report that was accepted by the Special Rapporteurs at the UN.
  • Testified at the UN regarding patients advocacy issues in Oregon.
  • Member of international collaborative AdHoc team- created ICD medical diagnostic codes for specific diseases for diagnosis and payment on insurances.
  • Delegate to the Republican Party , Idaho 2022/2023







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