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I Believe Citizen Voice should not be stifled

The citizens in this county have the right to public input for the record, The citizens voices are being stifled by our current leadership.
Changes to our Current commissioners made to CZO 1-17 will have a profound effect on our participation in public hearings. Changes to Idaho code 67-6508 (Lakeys Bill SB1403 supported by current Commissioners) will prevent citizens from due process rights by removing the opportunity of judicial review
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Development should pay for itself
Young Families & Older Fixed Income Citizens can not subsidize the builders profit margins.. The rest of the citizens should not have to either. Development needs to pay for itself, not create future bond and levy needs to keep our citizens safe.
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Budgets for county needs should not be granted based on election year
Budgets granted to Canyon County Sherrif 2020-Denied 2021- Denied 2022- Denied 2023- Denied 2024- Granted
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